The SD Range of Fire Pumps

The SD range is a complete pressure augmenting system designed for industrial, commercial, residential and domestic fire sprinkler systems.
Utilising 21st Century technology we can overcome  problems with low town’s main pressure.

DSC01516The SD200 is designed for commercial scale projects such as offices, shops, hospitals, hotels etc.


The SD150 is designed for schools and offices. sd_pump

The SD120 is for smaller scale residential projects such as nursing homes small medical facilities,
care homes, student accommodation  etc.

The SD80 is designed for  use in domestic housing.SD80_EXTERNAL


The SD range can be used where there is a potential that the pressure in the Towns Main water supply will not meet the design  requirements of the sprinkler system.

Due to its intelligent control system the SD unit will not cause any negative pressures in the Towns Main Water supply.

The SD system can also be skid mounted and we also provide SD units for tank systems.

Towns Main Water Supplies

For many years, town’s mains have provided a reliable source of water. However, over recent years the Water Industry has pursued a policy of mains pressure reduction. The reduction of pressure has certainly proved to be a successful method of reducing leakage in the mains network. However, this policy frequently results in an inadequate supply for fire sprinkler systems.

One solution for improving a "failed" supply, is the provision of a dedicated pump and water storage tank, but the disadvantages with this option are not only limited to the financial drawback. Large water storage tanks require space which is frequently not available in city areas and where there is space, the costs are very prohibitive. With the growing realisation that water is becoming an increasingly scarce resource, sensible conservation strategies need to be recognised as a significant public benefit. Thus, rather than retaining copious amounts of water in storage tanks, the preferred solution has to be to maximise the existing towns supply.

Historically, there have been a number of problems associated with the use of pumps to augment towns’ main pressures and the primary development considerations have involved the need for an innovative solution. In the very simplest terms, the  SD Pump is designed to maximise the water supply available from the town main by enhancing the existing available pressure without detriment to the town’s main supply.