The SD 150

ike its big brother the SD200, the SD150 has been designed to enhance the town’s main pressure (only if required) in the event of activation of the fire sprinkler systems.  The SD150 is sized for OH1 light hazard systems where the flow and pressure is less than that covered by the SD200. Physically smaller at 1000 mm x 500 mm x 900 mm and also not requiring a tank, the SD150 offers considerable space and cost savings on the conventional pump and tank arrangement.

As with the SD200 the SD150 connects directly to the town’s main and is designed to maximise the water supply available by enhancing the existing available pressure without detriment to the town’s main supply.
The SD150 is ideally suited for schools where safety may be a concern. 
There is an advantage in not having a large tank of water in close proximity to children.


The SD150 is especially suitable for existing town’s main systems which are no longer viable because of reduced mains pressure. Many properties do not have the space available for the installation of a pump house or tank. New retail developments have constraints upon land usage as well as environmental concerns. Space and safety are often issues for both new developments and existing buildings with retrofit systems. Inner city constructions may be especially confined in their development, often basement levels being utilised for parking and stock with planning insistent on a minimum number of parking spaces per square meter of development. 

The SD range offers a solution to these problems. SD pumps are installed throughout the UK and Ireland and approved for
installation by water authorities.

For the SD150 brochure click here SD150.pdf