SD200 OH1 - OH3

The SD200 has been designed to overcome the problems of low mains pressure.  The intelligent system continuously monitors its situation and adapts its response accordingly.  It maintains the pressure in the Sprinkler system at the designed level while preventing damage to the town’s main.
The SD200 Pump Unit 
  • Uses  LPCB approved fire pumps
  • WRAS approved
  • Exova Warrington Fire Ltd third party tested and validated 

Small Footprint
Unlike the large costly water storage tanks associated with conventional pumped systems, the SD200 Pump Unit has a remarkably small footprint that lends itself to installation in congested areas. The SD 200 units are supplied on a steel frame skid with dimensions of 1000 x 750 x 1200 high.  The unit has been designed specifically for ease of installation (a hand pallet truck usually being used to move the unit on the premises).  The width is based on access through pedestrian doors, thus reducing any additional builders work. 

Intelligent control

 The heart of the SD 200 Pump operation is its intelligent controller. Deriving the appropriate signals from sophisticated pressure monitoring, the controller prevents the overloading of the town’s main and excessive sprinkler system pressure by tightly controlling the pump motor speed.


A positive suction pressure is maintained at all times by utilising a pressure sensor, thus negating the possibility of a vacuum forming in the towns’ mains.

Over-pressurisation of the sprinkler system is prevented by the location of a pressure sensor. This sensor restricts the generation of system pressures to a pre-set figure. (Typically 10.0 bars)

The SD200 is easily integrated into existing towns main systems.  Its compact size and ease of manoeuvrability allows positioning in otherwise inaccessible areas.  Its space saving design is especially suitable for congested inner city sites, offices, shops and other town centre developments. In schools where the positioning of a conventional pump/ tank is not a viable option due to health, safety and security issues the SD200 is an ideal solution.  For new buildings its space and cost saving design is a prime advantage.


For SD200 brochure click here SD200.pdf